Hi my name is Peter, Pete to my friends. So by all means call me Pete. I live in the South West of the UK in a county called Cornwall.

Cornwall is a beautiful county so I am very fortunate. It is a very popular county and has thousands of visitors every year from across the globe. Many of the beaches here are wonderful.

I have been dabbling with affiliate marketing for a few years. I started whilst I was a full time carer for my elder brother. However, I have only recently been putting in more effort to make a living from this work.

I really enjoy affiliate marketing has it gives me freedom to do other things that I enjoy. My main aim/goal is to pair up dieters with the correct diet plan,that is more suitable for them. Hopefully they will help me with by buying their plans through my links. I think it is great when people actually try to help and encourage one another.

So why have I decided to go into the diet niche? Truthfully other than it being one of the largest niches. I got serious at the start of this year 2019. No sorry the very end of 2018. Over Christmas I indulged in all the over eating. Boxing day I realised I needed to lose weight. I weighed myself and I was forty two pounds at least too heavy for my size. Decided then and there that I had to lose that weight. Hence since I enjoy affiliate marketing I chose Diet, Fitness and Health as one of my niches. I realise people may say there is three niches there, but I believe they all filter down into one great niche. Hope that makes sense.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your endeavours,


Take Care

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